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Transferring skills not viruses 🦠

Just about everyone I know with a sewing machine and a little time has been busy sewing to help the COVID fight. Initially our hospital needed scrubs laundry bags, but now I think that we will be more focused on masks. Many milliners have been busy making visors. Any time left over I decided to challenge myself to making a chair loose cover, as it is while since we had weekends with no plans so I thought it would be a great additonal crafty challenge.

My lovely local vet was telling me how she has been kindly donated PPE that did not quite fit her needs, a visor with no attachment and advised that my prototype mask could be a better design. It reminded of my early career as a accessory supplier large high street chains, firstly always ask the experts and secondly ask what is needed not what you think you need (sadly, those two could have competing agenda). Drawing that back to my hats, i know that whenever I make a hat for myself (a real hat wearer) and make a design that I don’t want to sell as I want to keep it, I know it will be the first to disappear to a happy new home.

As I was sewing up my latest design (not quite finished but pictured on my chair here) I was thinking about it combined my millinery skills with my fashion pattern cutting skills. Sometimes I used a stitch I was taught when learning upholstery and when playing with trims I challenge myself with skills picked up in jewellery making.

It seems a funny old world, but all the things we pick up along the way somethings are useful ...the rest of the time, just wash your hands!

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