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“I always believed that one women’s success can only help another woman’s success.*”

Happy Internations Womens Day!

*Gloria Vanderbilt

I love this photo, it says so much about what I love about hats and talent. The hat itself is an old hat that has been retrimmed and rented out, so looking a little loved. The story behind the photo says almost as much as the hat, it tells the story of a team of amazing women. We all have our own talents but each of these amazing ladies has enhanced my life as well as this photo.

The first thing we notice is the beautiful model, but don't for a second think that she is just a pretty face. One reason I love this photo is that she is holding her prized new paint brush - dipping it into a magic potion. Peaches du Jour is a multi-talented, multi-disciplinary artist, just look at her paintings they are amazing!

As the artist's brush dips into the mythical 'Magic potion' I wonder if anyone else has wished for a magic potion. Floo powder, elixir of life or just a Friday evening gin and tonic? This bottle was a gift from my children! from one of the talented ceramicists at Fisherton Mill Gallery in Salisbury.

For real sparkle you could not do better than these earrrings. They are phenomenal diamond drops by the one and only Sonia Cheadle Sonia not only is a lady of supreme style with an infectious sense of humour but she is the ultimate jeweller if you are looking for cool and contemporary diamonds.

I was wearing that scarf for the shoot (it is a favourite), then I realised that it would make this shot. Ruby Kite was set up by a two amazing ladies, including Joy. I first worked Joy when I left fashion collage decades ago. I have so much respect for her down to earth approach and impeccable style, it was the ultimate honour to make a hat for her son's wedding. And being Joy it was a hat bountiful in style with no fuss and has since been worn through the summer and with great aplomb to a festival.

It seems appropriate that there is a tale of a power behind a name, Jon at

is a hugely talented photographer, but is all part of a wicked team. His wife Anjee is a no nonsense lady who has a gimlet eye for detail and her styling helps make the shoot the success that it is. Cheers for Anjee and the women everywhere in essential supporting roles that can, mistakenly, go unnoticed.

Back to the hat, that is not quite as pristine as it once was...I have learnt to look at this photo and ignore the imperfection on the brim, instead it is a reminder of what makes my hats unique to me.

"Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There's no how-to road map to style. It's about self expression and, above all, attitude." —Iris Apfel

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