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A hat is not just for a wedding - stylishly sustainable

I make hats because I have always loved them. They add fizz to celebrations, they can be hidden under when times and climes are grim. Are they sustainable? The answer is never binary. However, buying a hat from a decent milliner is much more likely to offer a sustainable option. My collections to evolve, but as Yves Saint Laurent declared "Fashions fade. Style is eternal." I aim to make timeless pieces that will look good year after year.

Also a well made hat never shouts about the hundreds of tiny hand stitches that are the invisible foundations. Unlike commercial hats held together by glue each of my pieces can be tweaked.

Behind the scenes I check how I source my materials and review my processes in the design and creation: I rework, reuse and recycle,

I hope you enjoy and are maybe even inspired these creations.

One design, so many ways to wear and enjoy.

A hat retrimmed for a subsequent wedding

One hat, two looks

Good quality hats are can have new life breathed into them. Recently a client had her late mothers hat that had special sentimental value and I could adjust the size, show it some love and refresh the hat and feathers (snd yes, she looked beautiful in it).

If you see on my sites 'about me' page you can see me revamping a vintage hat. From one hat I could make two looks,

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