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This is the story of one commission both from my perspective and in a customers own words. If you would me to make something unique from just £45 just drop me a line on 07949 083838 or email me.


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Cool is about being comfortable in your own skin without need for external approval and style is about setting your own aesthetic agenda that suits you and your lifestyle and your body. So getting a commission perfect is about listening, interpreting and then adding a little magic. First the commission needs to be confirmed, with costs and colours made clear I can stick to the required budget. We need to avoid unpleasant surprises and missed deadlines, so a brief is articulated along with a sketch and some examples of the materials that I will use.















Next I lay out all the materials to check that I have all that is necessary. I like to get the colours perfect and ensure that there are contrasting textures with a balance of beautiful and precious, including semi-precious and gemstone beads. This commission included pearls, to mirror buttons in the proposed outfit, sapphires celebrating a recent special gift and rubies.  The client enjoys a very classic and sophisticated look, so rather than a retro fascinator or one of my more burlesque numbers this commission is based on a traditional hair bow.


To ensure that the bow sits beautifully I started by moulding a dupion base, with a second lighter panel so that any unsightly ends can be hidden and it can look satisfyingly beautiful from all angles.   The shapes are steamed and pinned to form the required shape, before being reinforced with a soft wire and finished.  














The outside bow is made form crin which can have mind of its own, and if you work with it for too long the whole thing can unravel. Once the shape is perfect and the ends are secured I can start playing with the beads! I keep an image of the outfit in front of me so that I can keep the colour balance perfect and mirror any motifs. People are surprisingly polar about heart shapes, so I had checked that the client approves before sourcing some beautiful rose quartz hearts.      














The creation finished I find one of my lovely new boxes. Before I can sign it off can’t resist having a play and making another version. After all, I don’t want my customers just to be happy, I want them to be delighted!


To wear a hat? To not wear a hat? That was the question.


Having lived overseas for the past 10 years, and been invited to attend the christening of my youngest god daughter in Kent this Spring, I was totally unsure of the current trend for such an occasion.


I spoke to Sarah wand asked about commissioning 'something' and asked, "How does the process work?" "Simple," she said. "Just explain to me what you think you would feel comfortable wearing, an idea of the outfit, colours and budget, and we’ll take it from there."


Being a no-frills practical kinda gal, I stuttered a little at the concept of designing myself headwear. The most important thing to me, as the process evolved, was the fixing method. I don’t like headbands so Sarah offered other options which I could try – we settled on a clip. We had a couple of conversations and a rough sketch with her ideas on a napkin in the café. As the process evolved over a week or two, I received a more formal drawing via email, with colours and suggested jewels, cost outline and materials of choice. I signed and returned my acceptance note  and waited in anticipation.


I didn’t know quite what design I wanted at the outset, but something small and relatively discreet, pretty but not fancy, bespoke and unique was most likely on its way to me. And I couldn’t wait.


I got all of that and much more. As I was sat in the church on the day of the christening a grandmother behind me in the pews leant forward and whispered to me….just look at how you are sparkling! I was lighting up my corner in more ways than I could imagine. The bright Spring sunshine coming through the stained glass windows had perfectly got me in their range and the jewels on my beautiful fascinator (rubies, quartz, pearls and more) were sparkling more than Tinkerbell could ever have dreamt of. I was making light fairies dance on the walls of the church and the children around me were full of wonder and awe at the amazing sight. It only lasted for a minute or two and as I sat round, the sunlight was engulfed by a Spring cloud and the sparkles disappeared as the service started.


My joy is that I know I have those sparkles in a box in my wardrobe at home, and I can light up any corner on any occasion. Sarah really listened to what I wanted and managed to translate our conversations into a really lovely piece of head wear that I will wear with pride…..being totally sparklicious and glitterific - as Tinkerbell might well say!

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