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Thanksgiving and Black Friday

2020 has had ups and downs, but I am really grateful to my customers, thank you for those of you who have taken time to comment on my post and I do appreciate the likes on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you to the friends who have checked in and the friends and family who have worked in the community and NHS (I am in awe of an amazing cousin who, as a young doctor, has been a frontline NHS worker). To honour my American grandmother tonight we will be having a thanksgiving feast (albeit vegan for half of us). I will raise a toast to you all for all you have done and for just getting by in this tricky year!

Thanksgiving is inevitably followed by Black Friday. Just as the big Halloween fancy dress celebrations have migrated across the Atlantic so has the expectations that bargains will be available. This is a conundrum for us small design businesses, we try to offer value all year around so don't have the large margins of the larger companies and multinationals.

As an act of solidarity we have agreed to offer free postage with Brilliant Little Brands. Of you have not had a chance to look at the site I recommend it, it is a great alternative to Amazon and a % of profits go to charities; just click on your charity of choice and start shopping.

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