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Silk linings and beautiful details

I love lining my hats with silk! Why? Many reasons, I think the first reason is I love having special details that only the wearer knows about, a private reason to smile. There are also a more practical reasons; I find that my hair looks so much better when I take off a hat if it has been in a silk lined hat, less likely to either suffer from either 'helmet hair' or be uncontrollably fly away. I have also read in many places that silk lining can help with the condition of your hair and avoid damaging or breaking hairs when putting on and pulling off the hat.

I can happily procrastinate for hours just hunting for vintage silk scarves to create my linings from. I love the sustainability of vintage silk as well as the idea of the creations having a little mythical memory of their own. A number of the linings in this picture comes from a gentleman who was closing his business making cravats; I acquired some gems such as prints still baring the name of the original fashion houses such as the renowned Turbull and Asser.

Sometimes I also use deadstock fabrics, but I am still open minded as to the eco benefits of deadstock - many sites claim deadstock would be destined for landfill. I am in the more pragmatic camp believing that while no perfect stock would automatically go for landfill if a seller could be found it may be better than constantly feeding the need for great production. I wonder if anyone can give me more insight into this.

I have been building up my supply network for years and have found some absolute gems, and have been incredibly lucky that friends and customers have sought me out with tips, leads and even parcels of vintage fabrics.

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