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As mad as a hatter

In days gone by a hatter would stiffen their felt hats with mercury, a toxic metal. Hydrargyria symptoms include muscle weakness, poor coordination, anxiety, memory problems, trouble speaking, trouble hearing, or trouble seeing, hence milliners appearing 'mad as a hatter'.

Technology has come along way. PVA was invented and mercury was superseded. As a milliner we can play and innovate continually. Thermoplastics are a great new material, either to enhance existing blocks or to create innovative shapes. I love mixing different core skills, I did a degree in fashion so I am pattern cutting some improbable shapes to make fab everyday hats and I love using techniques from my jewellery background, from wire to gold and silver leaf.

With a title inspired by Alice in Wonderland, i will avoid rambling by concluding with a quote.

“I don't think..." then you shouldn't talk, said the Hatter.”

thermoplastic dragon headpiece
thermoplastic dragon headpiece

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