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This is a fabulous one off trilby, it is totally unique as I have hand formed the folds to give the flattering asymmetric brim and crown. The style is both current with a nod to vintage trends of the 1940s, making this hat a timeless classic.I tried to keep it relatively simple, by adding a silk velvet draped band backed with pale grey dupion, which I have used again the lining. The contrasting textures of the wool felt, silk velvet, dupion and Petersham edge adds wonderful detail that is subtle but very rewarding.The silk lining is soft on your hair, it stops hair tugging and pulling and silk is considered by many to help with the overall condition of your hair. Personally, I just live a silk lining as it is another little detail that makes putting on a hat feel special.It is quite a large hat, at 22 3/4” head fit this is at the top of what is considered a medium hat or the smallest of what is considered large.

Grey ombré trilby

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