This is a beautiful hat. I have taken an everyday hat and made it really special. I have trialled and personally tested the pattern redrafting to ensure this is the best it can be.The main body is made from a woven cashmere blend with a soft velvet band and then Iined it with dupion silk. 

I made the brim or visor from soft leather, black on the top more visible side and a beautiful vibrant shades on the underside. I have completed one with a soft coral leather and one is being made with a vibrant autumnal tan colour. I tweaked the hat just slightly after the photos, as the brim was just angled down just a tad too much towards the nose and now it sits a little flatter.

I have made this hat in a large size so that it is comfortable to throw on and won’t give the wearers hair the ‘helmet effect’ it will just slip on and off easily but the design means that it is resilient to the wind. I just pull mine down over my ears and feel snug for a long walk.It is all hand made in my own studio and a total one off. 

Feedback from customers with similar is overwhelmingly positive with compliments from many! 

These are very new so more photos will follow.

Size: large.
The tan version is slightly smaller at 22 3/4” head band and the coral is 23”.

The hat will come packaged in a lovely box.

Black fiddler cap

Brim underside
  • At the moment this is made from a cashmere blend, I would be happy to make in linen or canvas. Just get in touch so we can discuss!