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I love this hat! To me it is everything a hat should be, it is pure refined elegance. From the front it looks so simple, but even that belies the careful layering of three ribbons to get the perfect balance of colour and texture. It has been shaped to have a very gentle but flattering tilt over one eye.

At the back the ridges of the trilby have been plucked into a gentle fold, sloping gently down to the hat band a scallop in the brim.

Some of my winter trilbies can be pulled down low against the wind, this is slightly more decorative, it perches slightly higher on the head. This means that this sizing is less rigid, and will fit a medium to large head.

As with the majority of my hats, this is silk lined which is fab for hair condition and for avoiding unnecessary hair snagging and snapping.

Drape backed trilby

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